Managing a business in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic is not easy to accomplish. One has to find inspiration and determination to keep going, just like what Jary Rie Olivares did for her businesses.

Jary, a licensed physical therapist by profession, pursued a different path when she decided to open her first cafe business in Laguna.

WGM Cafe was a huge success - something that she didn't expect to gain right away. The brand's patrons in their place had made the business grow. Soon, Jary decided to pursue a samgyeopsal business after a trip to South Korea.

A few months later, Oppa Samgyeopsal is born. It offers a K-pop vibe, aside from the sumptuous Korean dishes. It also received various awards such as “Most Authentic Korean Restaurant” in Laguna.

Now, Jary is introducing a new business model for Oppa Samgyeopsal: the Oppa Lite Plus, which allows interested franchisees to own an Oppa business without having much capital for the usual restaurant franchise.

With this type of business, franchisees will need approximately P100,000 only for the franchise fee. It can easily be operated at home, with pick-up and delivery options available for interested customers.

Since the 'new normal' has changed everyday life and activities, businesses are expected to adopt more safety measures to prevent coronavirus transmission. Although the dine-in option has been available, it will still be challenging for restaurants and food businesses to operate normally. Hence, the most accessible alternative is offering pick-up and delivery options.

So, if you think this is the type of business you are looking for, then start your franchise journey today!

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