The Essence of Resilience and Helping

Despite experiencing financial turmoil over a failed family restaurant business, Lesther Gomez still tried his luck and opened a mini beverage stand at their old restaurant's place.

Lesther or Thor (as what his friends always call him) venture into new business using a borrowed P20,000 capital.

All the hardships seemed nothing for him, and in March 2019, Thor established Drip Tea with the catchy tagline 'Your Daily Dose of Milk Tea.'

The Inspiration

According to Gomez, Drip Tea is inspired by his mother's gluta drip business. He used the same idea to create a catchy concept behind the now popular milk tea outlet.

Today, Drip Tea already has over 80 branches nationwide. Asked about his secret for the successful business, Gomez said everything is purely based on dedication and the urge to help others have their own business.

Drip Tea offers varied milk tea flavors available in undeniably witty sizes: low dose, high dose, and overdose.

A Piece of Advice

Gomez encourages all aspiring franchisees and entrepreneurs to stay optimistic about starting a business.

For franchisors like him, he said it would help if they stay committed to helping others in finding a business that suits them.

He also added that at some point, listening to others around you (especially your employees) can make a big difference in your decisions and will benefit the business in the long run.

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