The Basics of Franchising with Rudolf Kotik [EP 01]

Mar 19, 2020 • 56 minutes

The Basics of Franchising with Rudolf Kotik [EP 01]
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The Basics of Franchising with Rudolf Kotik [EP 01]

Episode #01

Today's discussion about franchising is phenomenal since our guest speaker is a known figure in the franchise industry. Mr. Rudolf Kotik, the CEO of RK Franchise Consultancy, has been in this business for almost 40 years and has developed over 700 local and 100 international businesses into franchises.

In this episode, he discussed the topics and questions you can think about franchising. He provided insights and knowledge about the things every franchisor and franchisee must do to sustain a franchised business.

He also explained why you must opt to franchise as a business owner, and shared a handful of tips and best practices. The discussions in this episode are exciting and should make you feel confident and at ease in running your own franchise business as a franchisee or let you push through in franchising business as the owner.

If you are seeking information more than what you can read, listen to this episode and learn the franchising 101 basics.

List of questions and topics:

For business owners

  • What is franchising in layman's term
  • What is the situation of franchising industry and its projection
  • If you are a business owner why you should franchise your business
  • How to know if your business is ready for franchising
  • How to know when is the righ time to franchise
  • What is the first step to franchise your business
  • What are the difficulties will you be facing when you start to franchise your business
  • What are the advantages of getting a franchise consultant/developer?

For those who want to franchise a business

  • If you want to start a business, why should you go for franchising
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages when you franchise a business
  • How to select a franchise. What are the things to consider when selecting a franchise?
  • How to choose a location for your franchise. What are the things to consider when selecting a location?
  • Usually how long is the return of investment when franchising a business
  • How to avoid franchise scam
  • How to know if you are a franchisee material?

We hope you enjoy it!


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