UNIFIED GENERIC PHARMACY (UGP) is an innovative combination of pharmacy, convenience store and payment cente into a ONE business. The first store was established at Commonwealth, Quezon City.

Pharmacy  Market opportunity.
The Philippines is the THIRD-LARGEST pharmaceutical market among the ASEAN countries with business worth $3.6 BILLION in 2016 (Pacific Bridge Medical).

The Filipino pharmaceutical market is predicted to exceed $8 BILLION by 2020 (Oxford Business Group).

The increase is linked to various factors, including the government's intervention, growing acceptance of generic drugs, increasing populations, and growth in expenditure for drugs and medicines.

Minimart Market Opportunity 
The Philippine retail market is primed for further growth  due to a strong economy , increasing consumption, and the projected urbanization. It is a $153 BILLION INDUSTRY with a CARG of 9.1% (2017-2022), only third to China. (Biz News Asia)

Filipino households spend the most on food and non-alcoholic drinks (37%). Second is the housing and utilities (23%). Food and drinks spending has the strongest projected growth of 8.8% annually, which will be worth P6.2 TRILLION ($124 BILLION) by 2021. 

Spurred by a young population, with 19% below 24 years, convinience store (C-Store) are sprouting fast. 

E-Services Market Opportunity
(Payment Center)

The Southeast Asian Digital Economy is projected to be worth $200 BILLION PER YEAR by 2025.

Dubbed as the text message capital of the world, THE PHILIPPINE IS THE WORLD LEADER IN SMS with almost 1 BILLION DAILY MESSAGES. More than half of the population, or 61 MILLION uses data to access the internet.

Bills payment center in the Philippines boasts 10 MILLION TRANSACTION pasing through the system every month, which generates upto $5 MILLION in revenues per year.


3 in 1 PHARMACY WITH MINIMART AND PAYMENT CENTER (3 in 1) Franchise Products or Services

Pharmacy Products:
(Generic and Branded)

  • Prescription Drug
  • Non-prescription Drug

Non- Pharmacy Products

  • Disposal
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Medical Equipments

Unified Products 

  • Health and Wellness
  • Beauty and Cosmetics
  • Home care

Comsumable Goods

  • Beverages
  • Snacks

Hub E-Services

  • Remittance 
  • Billspayment 
  • Hotel booking
  • Travel and Tours
  • Ticketing
    • Ferry
    • Airlines
  • Loading
  • Insurance

Go Cab Courier

Multi-level Marketing


3 in 1 PHARMACY WITH MINIMART AND PAYMENT CENTER (3 in 1) Franchise Inclusions or Package

UGP Franchise Package Php 830, 000.00(Pharmacy, Minimart and Payment Center)

Start Up Assistance

·           Demographic Feasibility Study (3 locations)

·           Two (2) days Pre-Opening Assistance

·           Three (3) days Opening Assistance

·           Training Assistance

Pre-Opening Assistance

·           Signage Subsidy

·           3pcs. Soon to Open Tarpaulin (3’x5’)

·           3pcs. Now Open Tarpaulin (3’x 5’)

·           Spider Stand Banner

·           3 sets UGP Staff Uniform (Polo Shirt)

Opening Assistance

·           2pcs. Roll Up Banner

·           1pc. UGP Open Now Banner

·           Flyers (1 ream)

·           Balloons/Flowers

Initial Stocks

·           Pharma Products – Generic

·           Pharma Products – Branded

·           Non Pharma

Package Inclusions

·           Use of Trade name and logo

·           Marketing Support

·           No Renewal/Lifetime Contract

·           No Royalty Fee

·           Unified health and wellness products

·           Unified Payment Center

·           Remittance, Bills payment, Ticketing, Loading and Insurance

·           Pharma Products – Generic and Branded

·           Non Pharma

·           Exclusive UGP complete set of Point of Sales (POS).

·           Walk in Refrigerator

·           Digital Thermo-Hygrometer with calibration Cert.

·           FDA reference Materials such as:

-            Prescription book, Senior/PWD record Book

-            Digital Thermo-Hygrometer with calibration Cert.

-            Rubber Stamp w/ Business name and Address

-            GMAP/MDRP Set (Includes New MDRP)

-            Generic Dispenser Flowchart

-            Tablet Counting Tray with Spatula

-            Graduated Cylinder (plastic w/cover)

-            Generic White label & Red label Sticker paper for compounding



3 in 1 PHARMACY WITH MINIMART AND PAYMENT CENTER (3 in 1) Franchise Application Process


      Must be 1 km from another UGP Outlet

      At least 40-120sq. meter area

      Blue Roll Up/Accordion Door

      White walls only

      Must be High ceiling (atleast10ft height)

  Community-based location (near offices, Hospitals, Capitol, dormitory, other trade center)

      Preferred space; shell type condition

      Three (3) proposed locations



       Letter of Intent

       Business Permit’s (Business/Mayor’s Permit, DTI, BIR)

       Photocopy of 2 Valid ID’s (SSS ID, TIN ID, NBI Clearance, and Passport)

       Proof of Billing (Any utility bill from Meralco, PLDT, Maynilad or etc.

       Vicinity Map of the proposed site (preferable with landmarks)

       Lease of Contract

       Legal documents certifying applicant's ownership of the site (Certificate of title/ Signed lease proposal if (renting)

       Financial Statement (6 months)

       Compliance Deed of Undertaking/AMLA Deed of Undertaking

 Next Step:

             Step 1:

ü  Submit Letter of Intent

ü  Sign Up Applications Form’s

Step 2:

ü  Submit Initial Requirements

Step 3:

ü  Submit Proposed Location with vicinity map

Step 4:

ü  Franchise Settlement

ü  Make a reservation of P50,000.00 valid for 30days, non-refundable

ü  Market /Feasibility Study



3 in 1 PHARMACY WITH MINIMART AND PAYMENT CENTER (3 in 1) Franchise Contact Details

Phone/Mobile Number: 0946 718 5032

Emaill Address: [email protected]

Website: unified.ph

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/unifiedbon/

3 in 1 PHARMACY WITH MINIMART AND PAYMENT CENTER (3 in 1) Franchise Business Address

Our main office was located a JR Bldg. 1520 Quezon Ave. South Triangle, Quezon City.