About Mont Albo Massage Hut Franchise

Dr. Nol graduated from UP College of Medicine in 2006. During that time he learned that the finances of the family was down, brought about by various circumstances in their family business. The house where he grew up was sold together with precious memories of the past. There were overlapping debts and paying them was a huge struggle. Instead of pursuing a specialty, he opted to help the family in the soonest possible time. With 3 other siblings where 2 are still studying, there was no other choice but to make the move and support the family. He held on to his faith in God, never letting go.

Mont Albo Massage Hut is a Filipino-inspired spa specializing in Hilot (Filipino Traditional Massage) and Home Therapy. The first of its kind, it started as a small massage clinic on March 11, 2007 in an old apartment in 6842 Washington St., Makati City. Established by a young doctor from Batangas City, the name Mont Albo was coined from the owner’s surname “Montalbo” which means “white mountain” in Spanish. Being able to experience traditional Filipino healing practices since childhood, he became a firm believer of Hilot and various related forms of therapies. Before this brand became what it is now, just like a diamond, it went through all the pressures and harshness before it shone brightly in the Philippine spa industry.

A vision was displayed to him. Soaps.
He decided that he will start a small soap business but there was a problem – he has no capital. He cannot ask money from his parents because there was none. He tried to borrow money from a friend but money was not that easy. The friend was asking for a collateral. Without any property, Dr. Nol pawned his watch to this friend for 1500 pesos just to have the much needed capital.

He attended a seminar about soap-making and with several trial and errors, he perfected the method of making organic hand-crafted soaps. He started making small soaps with coffee, guava and orangepeel. He personally sold and delivered the soaps to his clients. Borrowing money from friends for additional capital and paying them on time (with interest) was a part of this cycle. A small blender, a knife for cutting and polishing the soaps, and cellophane were his first materials. “Barya lang ang kita pero nakakatawid sa kailangan ng pamilya”, according to him. Selling soaps was not that easy.

Franchise Products or Services

*Prices may vary depending on the branch you’ll visit.

HILOT (Filipino Traditional Massage) is the ancient Filipino healing method practiced for thousands of years. Hilot refers to both the technique and the practitioner. Characterized by slow deliberate strokes and removal of blockages or “Lamig”. Banana leaves and Virgin coconut oil are key elements in this treatment. Highly recommended for individuals with upper back aches and stress related pains and anxiety. Bentosa or placement of suctioning cups is recommended.

Metro Manila: Php 380 – Php 650*
Provincial: Php 300 – Php 370*

THE MONT ALBO MASSAGE (our signature therapy) is ruly one of a kind for it soothes all the muscles from head to foot, relaxes the mind and meets our psychological need for touch. With selected traditional strokes and techniques of Swedish, Shiatsu and Thai-Yoga massages, this theraphy is a must try for massage enthusiasts.

Metro Manila: Php 330 – Php 500*
Provincial: Php 250 – Php 300*

BENTOSA, also called “Cupping” is a common but extremely effective treatment that soothes muscle pain. This is the type of treatment uses the placement of suctioning cups to remove energy blockages which is believed in some cultures to mean the lack of blood circulation.

Metro Manila: Php 80 – Php 100*
Provincial: Php 80

EXPRESS MASSAGE. If you’re in need of massage after work but you need to get home fast? Give us 10 minutes of your time to target tired and painful muscles of the head, neck, back, shoulder, lumber area and even your arms and legs! If you’re always in a hurry, you deserve this therapy.

Metro Manila: Php 55 – Php 90
Provincial: Php 50 – Php 55*

SWEDISH MASSAGE was credited to the Swedish medical-gymnastic practitioner Per Henrik Ling and Johan Georg Mezger (the Dutch practitioner who adopted French names to the stroke). The standard, medically oriented Western massage popularly used in rehabilitation clinics and spas worldwide but with improved 5 basic strokes to suit the modern Filipino busy lifestyle. A surprise for massage fanatics.

Metro Manila: Php 380 – Php 550*
Provincial: Php 300 – Php 350*

EASTERN FOOT MASSAGE. Our signature foot theraphy, EASTERN FOOT MASSAGE, combines the Thai foot elements of Thai foot massage, Dagdagay (Filipino traditional foot massage), Shiatsu and Chinese reflexology. This blending of Eastern foot traditions releases tension from your foot and enhances the function of vital organs in your body (since a particular area in your foot corresponds to an organ like heart). Let your humble feet experience these indigenous healing methods in the modern Mont Albo way.

Metro Manila: Php 380 – Php 700*
Provincial: Php 300 – Php 400*

TUI NA translates to “push-pinch” in the Chinese language. This method of healing dates back to 1700 BC and is still an integral part of Traditional Chinese (TCM) today. Returning the body to balance to facilitate the flow of qi (life force/energy) is the main goal. Principles of acupressure are applied by following meridians along the body which are pathways of qi. Strokes can be light or vigorous using fingers, arms, elbows, knees and feet of the therapist.

Metro Manila: Php 380 – Php 750*
Provincial: Php 300 – Php 420*

THAI-SHIATSU MASSAGE, a combination of rituals and body mechanics of Thai massage, Ayurveda, Yoga, Acupressure, and Japanese Shiatsu (“finger pressure”). This unique fusion of traditional bodyworks is an all-time favorite of individuals who want to achieve deep relaxation, strain-relief and flexibility without oil.

Metro Manila: Php 380 – Php 450*
Provincial: Php 300 – Php 320

SUOB (SAUNA), the Filipino version of the steam bath. It has been utilized in various Filipino ethnic groups to drive away elements of illnesses (like the lamig) by boiling a concoction of herbs and flowers and letting the therapeutic mixture vaporize inside a large thick cloth that envelopes the body. The healthy stem increases blood circulation, fat metabolism and detoxification. It nourishes the skin and makes it supple. The muscle fibers soften which makes this worthwhile treatment before a massage.

Metro Manila: Php 150 – Php 350*
Provincial: Php 150


Coffee Energizing Scrub w/ 1 hr Massage
Kapeng Barako has made Batanguenos popular. This highly aromatic and bitter coffee can also be and extraordinary material to exfoliate and protect the skin. The addition of coconut oil infuses moisture and nutrients as the skin is gently resurfaced.

Metro Manila: Php 650 – Php 950*
Provincial: Php 550

Organic Whitening Scrub w/ 1 hr Massage
To make your skin fairer and lighter is not a sin! Our organic whitening scrub is composed of 3 all natural substances, extracted from plant components, which have been proven to inhibit the production of melanin – a better and healthier substitute than synthetic whitening chemicals. Have that lighter you to prepare for a special event with this special treatment.

Metro Manila: Php 750 – Php 1, 150*
Provincial: Php 650

Butter Glitter Scrub w/ 1 hr Massage
The union of two marvelous organic material (Shea and Cocoa butters) to form an exemplary blend of body treatment. For years Shea butter and Cocoa butter, have been harvested and utilized due to their superior moisturizing activities. These luxurious organic ingredients contain lipids and vitamins with numerous biological activities. They help to minimize blemishes, stretch-marks, scars and wrinkles to give your skin a healthy glow.

Metro Manila: Php 850 – Php 1, 350*
Provincial: Php 750

The Ginhawa Tradition
The ultimate traditional Filipino body therapy experience! Mont Albo has creatively combined five (5) Filipino traditional healing practices: Coffee scrub (hilod), Suob, Hilot, Bentosa and Eastern foot massage. The perfect head-to-foot cleansing and healing ritual to end and exhausting week.

Metro Manila: Php 950 – Php 1, 850*
Provincial: Php 850

Franchise Inclusions or Package


Mont Albo Massage Hut is a rejuvenating & exciting franchise that is solidly anchored on our unique and innovative business model that has been proven for years. Our franchise system is friendly and supportive of franchisees who are given all the guidance, training and assistance they need to be able to run a Mont Albo Massage Hut spa facility properly, successfully and happily.


  • License to use trademark, name and logo
  • Start-up business guidance
  • Site selection and evaluation assistance
  • Spa design and spa construction
  • Franchise Operations Manual
  • Comprehensive training on spa operations/management
  • Thorough massage lectures and training for therapists by Professional Licensed trainers
  • Intensive customer service training


  • Soft opening assistance
  • Grand opening support
  • Aggressive national and local spa marketing support using various media like TV and internet
  • Advertising and promotional assistance including tie-ups with leading companies and brands


  • Continuing business mentoring on the various aspects of spa management and operations
  • Discounted wholesale pricing on inventory, supplies, spa equipment and materials
  • Regular communication, field visits and monitoring
  • Updates on new wellness products, services, or promotions
  • Information about local and global spa industry trends

Franchise Application Process


Step 1: Send an email to [email protected]

Step 2: Complete the Franchisee Information Sheet and send a copy of your 2 valid IDs

Step 3: Set a meeting with the Franchising Officer at Mont Albo Wellness Corp.’s head office to disscuss all that you want to know about Mont Albo Massage Hut

Step 4: Contact the Franchising Officer again to help you build your own Mont Albo Massage Hut

Franchise Contact Details

Phone/Mobile Number: 403-2075

Emaill Address: [email protected]

Website: www.montalbomassage.com

Franchise Business Address

Main Office: G/F High pointe Building
Pasong Tamo Corner, Yakal St. Makati City




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