About Mi'Grande Pizza Franchise

A single entrepreneur who aims to introduce a mixture of Filipino, Western & Eastern genre of meals & snacks in one venue.

Mi’ Grande was well-known for its Giant Products like Grande Pizza measured 36' inches served to 15-20 people and Grande Halo-Halo that served to 10 people, which made the restaurant famous in General Santos & Koronadal City.

We offer a great tasting menu to our customers, depending on their varied tastes. From Grilled and Seafood to Dessert to Pasta, Pizza, and Burger, everything looks really delicious and value meals that are served in a fast and friendly manner. We regularly serve Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at a great price. Mi' Grande has been making waves since it opened its doors to the dining public in November 2013.

If you are looking for a dining place to satisfy your food craving and to chill out with your big family and friends then Mi’ Grande is the perfect place to go.

Our menu fits right into any occasion and budget. Dining at Mi’ Grande gives everyone a pleasurable experience. Diners are served with only the freshest food ranging from Grilled or BBQ to Pizza and Burgers to Dessert and Beverages.

We also take pride in taking care of their people - one of their most valuable assets that is why they are committed to continuously improve the benefits and training program.

Mi'Grande Pizza Franchise Products or Services



Mi'Grande Pizza Franchise Inclusions or Package

  • Trademark
  • Site approval
  • Training for Franchisee and staff
  • Procurement program
  • Opening assistance
  • Research & Development
  • Operations Manual

Mi'Grande Pizza Franchise Application Process

  1. Fill up the Confidential Questionnaire together with your letter of intent and send it to:
    Francis Carl Adlaon
    [email protected] 
  2. We will review your application.
  3. You will be invited to discuss franchise details.
  4. We will present to you the Franchise Disclosure Information.
  5. Your proposed location will be examined.
  6. The Franchise Agreement will be executed.
  7. Outlet set-up and staff training will commence.
  8. We will provide pre-opening and marketing assistance
  9. Congratulations!!! Your Grand Opening!

Mi'Grande Pizza Franchise Contact Details

Phone/Mobile Number: 09123741111

Emaill Address: [email protected]

Website: https://migrande.store/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pizzapastaburgerdessert/

Mi'Grande Pizza Franchise Business Address

Mi Grande Pizza (besides old Yellow Bus

Line Terminal), National Highway General

Santos City 9500





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