About Inihauz Your Roast Specialist Franchise

INIHAUZ, previously known as D’Champ (Lechon Manok atbp), was established on March 2003 by Mr. Conrado Posadas, the father of Mr. Arthur Posadas.  Over a period of 10 years, the family business grew and was able to operate 6 branches around Marikina City - four branches located at NGI, Parang, Sto Nino, Concepcion and 2 branches at San Mateo – Ampid and Gitnang Bayan.

Mr Arthur Posadas actively participated in the operation of D’Champ.  In the year 2012, the patriarch turned-over the full management and ownership to him. Arthur and his wife, Lirio, decided to take the meat roaster business to the next level.  On October 23 2013, they agreed to form a partnership with their friends William and Sherielyn Riego and innovated the business into INIHAUZ, Your Roast Specialist.

D’Champ NGI Branch was renovated with a fresh look and new product concepts were introduced. And on December 2013, the first INIHAUZ store was opened. Stamping the INIHAUZ brand to the products’ improved and unique taste, the Original Lechon Manok was renamed as Inihauz Lechon Manok and Liempo to Inihauz Liempo. New products such as Chili Roast Chicken, Boneless Lechon Belly, and Inihauz Boneless Bangus were also introduced to target larger market, satisfying the Pinoy Families’ roast cravings. 

The new outlet immediately gained acceptance to its “suki” and was able to create a bevy of new patrons.  A month after the first INIHAUZ store operation, the partners started receiving franchise inquiries and it was then that decided to take the franchising course to support their vision to expand.

Inihauz has been bringing uniquely delicious and affordable roast specialties to every family and home. From their famous Chili Roast Chicken to lechon belly and boneless bangus, INIHAUZ is a certified hit—thus earning the right to be your friendly neighborhood roast specialists. From the distinct flavors to its aroma and taste, INIHAUZ takes pride of its bestselling selection of roasted products that keeps satisfying every Filipino family’s roasted food cravings. Invest with this best-tasting roast concept that will surely bring the hauz down! 

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Franchise Products or Services


  • Chili Roast Chicken (Chili - infused marinated chicken, slow roasted and grilled to perfection)
  • Inihauz Lechon Manok
  • Sinugba na Boneless Bangus
  • Inihauz Liempo
  • Spicy Boneless LECHON BELLY

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Franchise Contact Details

Phone/Mobile Number: 781-3391

Emaill Address: [email protected]

Website: www.facebook.com/pg/inihauz

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