About Get Buzzed Franchise

Get Buzzed, managed by Renegade Branding Concepts in partnership with the Filipino actor and fitness enthusiast Daniel Matsunaga, is a new on-the-go concept that aims to bring quality haberdashery services right to clients’ doorsteps. This service will allow the dealers to be instantly connected to multiple consumers, creating opportunities for a successful and profitable venture. With a strong brand identity, in-demand products and services, excellent franchisee relationships, and an outstanding executive leadership team firmly in place, Get Buzzed is well-positioned to be a popular franchise concept across the country.

Value Proposition:

• Branded by Daniel Matsunaga – one of the Philippines most influential celebrities

• A complete guide in barbershop business.

• Franchise can be located virtually anywhere

• Popular product for all market segments

• Affordable business ownership

• Strong business, PR & marketing support

Get Buzzed Franchise Products or Services



Get Buzzed Franchise Inclusions or Package

Franchise License Package:

• Brand Value

• Marketing and PR

• Use of trade name and logo

• License fee for 2 years

• Initial training

• Notarized franchised agreement

• After sales support

Optional/Additional Franchise Inclusion

• Equipment/Accessories

• Products/Merchandise

• Updated Training

Get Buzzed Franchise Application Process


Get Buzzed Franchise Contact Details

Phone/Mobile Number: N/A

Emaill Address: [email protected]

Website: N/A

Get Buzzed Franchise Business Address





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