About FrosTea Milktea Franchise

FROSTEA Milktea is an ice-blended smoothies, freshly brewed tea, milk and variety of sweet and fruity concoction combined with different delicious variants of sinkers freshly cooked every day, creating not only a thirst-quenching cold drinks but also a delightfully snack that surely loved not only by teens and adults but specially children. Frostea Milktea is served with the most famous and best tasting tea ingredients from Taiwan here in the Philippines. From the top selections of fresh tea leaves like Four Season (oolong tea) and Assam (black tea), and paired it with delectably menu created by the owner itself in giving its customer "The Best tasting Milktea with Best Tasting Meals at affordable price" experience. The idea all started from the owner during his numerous trips abroad, particularyl Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, where they tried the very famous drink called "Milk Tea" that you can find one in every corner in the city. Instantly, from there, they got hooked with it, and ended up trying all the blends and flavors. We envisioned it as a potential business that will prosper in the Philippines.

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Use of Trademarks

Site Approval

Training for Franchisee and Staff

Procurement Program

Opening Assistance

Operations Manual on Loan

Research and Development

FrosTea Milktea Franchise Application Process

Fill up the Confidential Questionnaire together with your Letter of Intent send to our contact information.

We will review your application.

You will be invited to discuss franchise details.

We will present to you the Frostea Milktea Franchise Disclosure Information.

Your proposed location will commence.

The Franchise Agreement can now be executed.

Outlet set-up and staff training will commence.

We will provide pre-opening and marketing assistance.

Congratulations! Your Grand Opening!

FrosTea Milktea Franchise Contact Details

Phone/Mobile Number: 02413-7355

Emaill Address: [email protected]

Website: N/A

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pg/frostea.official

FrosTea Milktea Franchise Business Address

960I-E Bldg. 1 E. Rodriguez St.,
Quezon City, Philippines




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