About COFFEEBAY Franchise

COFFEEBAY is a franchise café brand of Appletree Co., Ltd. in Korea.

Our Values


COFFEEBAY is a place where coffee meets bakery in harmony. You can enjoy a cup of coffee in a relaxing atmosphere while pairing it with a deliciously sweet dessert.

With each cup and each sip, we open up the doors to “roasting one dream at a time."

These are not just words. Our coffee is not just a product. All stores are expertly trained to create quality drinks for every customer that passes through. It is the love and reward we offer for our valuable customers.


We respect our neighbors and contribute to the societies in which we operate.


We strive to care for our employees, customers, suppliers, and franchisees.


We take pride in our work. We enjoy listening and standing by our work to provide satisfaction to our franchisees and customers.


Franchise Products or Services

  • Coffee
  • Fresh Pastries
  • Specialty Drinks
  • Desserts

Franchise Inclusions or Package

CoffeeBay offers only a master franchise opportunity.

For more information, visit http://www.coffee-bay.co.kr/extension/guide.php 


Franchise Application Process

Here is the eight-step master franchising guide of Coffeebay:

  1. Applying for the master franchise opportunities
  2. Meeting at the headquarters and discussion
  3. Signing a master franchise agreement
  4. Finding a location
  5. Education for the board of directors and manager at the headquarters
  6. Store measurement and architectural design
  7. Construction, menu development, franchise consultation
  8. Rehearsal for the grand opening

Franchise Contact Details

Phone/Mobile Number: +82-70-4854-3833

Emaill Address: [email protected]

Website: http://www.coffee-bay.co.kr/

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/coffeebayph/

Franchise Business Address

Cebu branches:

IT Park, HM Tower

Phone: (032) 328 2172


SM Seaside City Cebu

Cebu South Coastal Rd, Cebu City

Phone (032) 402 9364





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