Franchise Book Philippines

Becoming A Franchisee
Beginners Guide on Franchising in the Philippines

Prepare for your franchising journey, one step at a time! Discover the basics of franchising and start realizing your dream business! This book brings you all the necessary information about franchising and the must-be guide to follow throughout your franchising endeavor.

What to learn?

  • Understand franchising in a holistic approach
  • Discover the critical aspects of franchising in the Philippines
  • Learn the best practices in franchising
  • Uncover more details about franchising legalities in the Philippines

Key takeaways from this book:

  • Interesting Facts in Franchising
  • Why franchise in the Philippines
  • Why choose a franchise over other investments
  • Why franchising is for millennials too
  • Buying and Selecting a Franchise
  • What to ask from a franchisor

And many more...

Who should read this book?

  • Aspiring Franchisors - existing businesses that are planning to develop a franchise system
  • Aspiring Franchisees - individuals who are planning to franchise a business
  • Existing Franchisors and Franchisees
  • Business Owners
  • Professionals
  • Overseas Filipino Workers

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