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Franchising is an exciting venture in the Philippines. In the past years, it has become the interest of many entrepreneurs, including the millennials. For them, getting a franchise is an opportunity that is worth the risk, time, and effort because it will still yield a positive result when appropriately managed.

There are different kinds of franchising in the Philippine market today, with the leading ones under the drinks and beverages, or the food cart/kiosks niche. Remember that selecting the right franchise is the first step to your franchising success, and this is when you must decide on the kind of business niche you want to try.

For now, it is best to focus on the food cart franchises in the Philippines as it is the most hassle-free kind of franchise you can avail. However, before venturing into this, try to consider a few things before starting a food cart business.


Understanding the Food Cart Basics

The food cart business is a very different franchise since it is almost associated now into other types of stalls such as drinks and refreshments. However, it is mostly characterized by varied food being sold by merchants. Hence, we can see a lot of food carts or stalls selling our favorite go-to snacks and drinks.

If you think this business is right for you, here are some things to evaluate before signing a deal.

Do Market Research

Any business technically needs a well-done and thorough market research. It involves understanding and finding answers for the 5W’s (Who, What, When, Where, and Why). It is very unsafe to assume that things will work out; hence, the need for this research before investing. During this phase, you need to address concerns about the operations, target market, competition, and location.

Adhere to Business Legal Requirements

Just like the other types of franchises, there are still legal documents that need to get processed. These documents include food service permits, health requirements, business licenses, sales tax permits, and truck or cart registration. When it comes to these requirements, there is usually a difference from one city or municipality to another. Therefore, it is best to inquire to your city or municipal hall to have the correct information about the requirements you need to fulfill.


Start the Business

Take note that in the food cart business, you have the right to start your brand or just franchise. There are pros and cons for each choice, but the good thing is that there is always an advantage for a franchise since the business is already established in the market.

16 Best Franchises to Own This 2020

Here are the best food cart franchises in the Philippines that you may want to consider.

Less Than 500K Total Investment Capital (Alphabetical Order)

Citrus Zone

1. Citrus Zone

Citrus Zone Refreshment incorporates the concept of healthy living in their business. They aim to promote a healthier diet by offering freshly-pressed juices & lemonade. 

Total Investment Capital: PHP 350,000+ (price depends on whether it is a cart or kiosk)
Contact Details: 
Phone: (+632) 782-7756
Email: [email protected]

Read more information about Citrus Zone

hap 1.jpg

2. Happy Cup

Happy Cup was established in May 2017 in Taytay, Rizal. Khrizia Sta. Ana proposed the business idea to the Gonzaga sisters who eagerly approved the proposal. Happy Cup wasn’t just serving beverage but sharing optimism to people.

Total Investment Capital:

  • Cart – PHP 250,000.00
  • Outlet & Kiosk – PHP 300,000.00 to PHP 350,000.00
  • Area Franchise – PHP 750,000.00

Contact Details:
Mobile No.: (0917)12345678
E-mail: [email protected] 

Read more information about Happy Cup


Magic Melt

3. Magic Melt​

Magic Melt was founded in 1999 as a small, home-scale business specialty bakeshop catering mostly the local demands in Labangon, Cebu City by the Lumakang Family. Best known for their time-tested recipe of ensaymada (brioche), the family grew the business with its commercial products reaching the USA and Canada in 2005.​

Total Investment Capital: PHP 395,000
Contact Details:
Landline: (032) 261-5210 / 262-7944
Mobile: 0923-7086706
Email: [email protected]/ [email protected] 

Read more information about Magic Melt

4. Mister Donut

Mister Donut started serving warm, delicious donuts complemented by a special brew of coffee in the streets of Boston, U.S.A in 1955. Since then, it has become a popular brand in Asia, including the Philippines.

Total Investment Capital: PHP 306,000 - 366,000
Contact Details:
Telephone/Cellphone Numbers: +632-3701236/ +639178896016
Email: [email protected] 

Mr. Softy Ice Cream

5. Mr. Softy

Mr. Softy Ice Cream is a top-selling ice cream cart franchise opportunity that gives a fresh and exciting ice cream experience in every serving to everyone!​

Total Investment Capital: PHP 340,000 to 415,000
Contact Details:
Telephone Numbers: (632) 998-2114/ 998-2077
Email: [email protected] 

Read more information about Mr. Softy


6. Potato Corner

Led by the Cinco Corporation, Potato Corner is one of the first food carts in the Philippines in 1992  that offered flavored french fries.  Today, it has been one of the leaders in the food cart, kiosk and counter-type business here in the country.

Total Investment Capital:

  • Food cart: PHP 200,000
  • Kiosk: PHP 400,000
  • In-line store: PHP 500,000

Contact Details:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 534-5845/534-5846

Read more information about Potato Corner

7. Snack-A-ttack

Snack-A-ttack started as a local on-the-go snacks store in one of the busiest corners of Las Piñas City. Then, it becomes a national sensation in less than a year, having more than  20 branches in just months and expanded nationwide to 200 branches in just 15 months. It has two other business models namely Snack-A-ttack Express and Snack-A-Wrap.

Total Investment Capital:

  • Snack-A-ttack Express: PHP 399,000
  • Snack-A-ttack Express + Snack-A-Wrap Combo: PHP 399,000

Contact Details:
Telephone No.: (02) 813-6814
Email: [email protected] 

8. Sweet Corner

Sweet Corner is best known for providing the real taste of sweet corn that is non-GMO, chemical-free, ripened by nature and picked by hand! ​

Total Investment Capital: PHP 290,000
Contact Details:
Telephone: (+632) 347-6853
Mobile: (0917)859-3340; (0922)844-4340
Fax: (+632) 929-3585
Email: [email protected]/ [email protected] 

Read more information about Sweet Corn


More Than 500K Total Investment Capital

bb 4.jpg

9. Bibingkinitan

Bibingkinitan is a brand that is 100% truly Filipino. This brand sparked interest amongst the Filipinos because it showcases Filipino delicacies.

Total Investment Capital:

  • Cart: PHP 627,000
  • Kiosk: PHP 697,000
  • Kiosk w/ Seating: PHP 927,000

Contact Details:
Tel. No.: (02) 8-464646
Mobile: (0917)584-6172
Email: [email protected]

Read more information about Bibingkinitan

Belgian Waffles

10. Famous Belgian Waffles

The Famous Belgian Waffles is the pioneer in the waffle sandwich industry in the Philippines.

Total Investment Capital:

  • PHP 550,000 for a cart
  • P650,000 for a kiosk
  • PHP 730,000 for a counter

Contact Details:
Phone: (+632) 425-2591
Email: [email protected]

Read more information about Belgian Famous Waffles

11. Hen Lin

Hen Lin serves quick meals of dim sum, siopao, and noodles, among others.

Total Investment Capital: P500,000 + (depending on the location)
Contact Details:
Email: [email protected]

Read more information about Hen Lin 


Khaleb Shawarma

12. Khaleb

Khaleb Shawarma is established in 2003 as a partnership company before becoming a corporation in 2006. 

Total Investment Capital: PHP 850,000 to PHP 3,200,000
Contact Details:
Tel No.: (+632) 634-0586 / (+632) 634-3717
Mobile: (+63920)983-0247 / (+63917)881-6999
Email: [email protected] 

Read more information about Khaleb Shawarma

13. Lugaw Queen 

Lugaw Queen is one of the fastest-growing food chains not only in Laguna but also in CALABARZON region and Manila since 2007.

Total Investment Capital: PHP 1.3M – 1.5M
Contact Details:
Tel: (049) 573-3472 / (049) 566-0845

Read more information about Lugaw Queen

14. Minute Burger

Minute Burger has proven its stability and staying power throughout the years. It is a known burger junction in the Philippines today, offering a variety of burgers and snacks for the Filipinos.

Total Investment Capital: PHP 700,000
Contact Details:
Phone: (+632) 776-7740
Email: [email protected]

Read more information about Minute Burger


15. The Shawarma Shack

The Shawarma Shack is the first to introduce Buy 1 Take 1 Shawarma! It started as a humble shawarma shack in Divisoria that grew into a top shawarma brand with multiple store outlets now.

Total Investment Capital:

  • Mall Carts: PHP 850,000
  • Non-mall Carts: PHP 988k - 1.5M
  • In-line/Full Store: PHP 3.35M

Contact Details:
Telephone: 09064350235/ 09755206290
Email: [email protected] 

16. Turks

Turks is now one of the most successful shawarma franchise brands in the Philippines today. They are best known for their delicious shawarma based on the most-loved recipe of Turkish cuisine and adapted to the unique Filipino taste buds.​

Total Investment Capital: PHP 1.6M - 3.4M
Contact Details:
Tel No.: (+632) 634-0586 / (+632) 634-3717
Mobile: (+63920)983-0247 / (+63917)881-6999
Email: [email protected]


Are you ready to start your dream food cart franchise in the Philippines soon? If yes, then refer to this article for the best practices to follow when selecting your franchise.

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