From time to time, you must show your colleagues that you appreciate their work and that they are important. 

Giving them a gift is one of the ways to do this. You can give Christmas presents to all your colleagues who have done so much for you. 

While there are so many Christmas gifts available in the market, deciding what would be perfect for everyone might need a little consideration. 

This article ensures that you get top Christmas gift ideas for colleagues.

Here are 10 Christmas gift ideas for Colleagues you can choose from.


1. Scented Candle

Scented Candles

Scented candles are a great gift for any colleague, regardless of gender or age. Candles are available in various scents, so you can choose the one that best reflects your colleague's personality. 

Candles are a nice way to add some atmosphere to the office and make it feel more homely. They're also safe for use around electronics - as long as they don't get too close! This is an especially important consideration if your colleague has an open-air cubicle (many offices do).

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2. Holiday Mug

Holiday Mugs

Mugs are always a great gift—especially if you can personalize them. They’re useful for hot and cold drinks, which means they can be used at home or work. Someone will love this gift because it’s practical and thoughtful! There are many different kinds of mugs to choose from, so take some time to browse online before making your selection.

Here are a few examples:

  • Personalized mug - Choose from several designs and get free shipping on orders when you shop via the Philippines’ major online platforms like Lazada and Shopee.
  • Ceramic coffee mug - This affordable option is available in several patterns and colors. It also makes an excellent choice for family members and colleagues who love drinking other hot beverages besides coffee.
  • Christmas stocking mug - This festive option features Santa Claus with his bag full of toys! It would be perfect for anyone on your list who loves Christmas or fun in holiday decorating.

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3. Candy or Chocolate

Gift cards are a great way to show your appreciation, but if you want to give something more personalized, consider a box of candy or chocolate. 

Candy or chocolate is always a great idea for coworkers and employees. It's easy to find and affordable, and people love them. You can buy a box of chocolates or candy from any store around the corner, which will be a nice surprise for your colleagues.

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4. Mini Holiday Tree

mini holiday tree

This is an excellent gift for your colleagues, as it serves as a decoration and a place to store presents. Miniature holiday trees can be found in many shapes and sizes, from tiny glass ornaments to large metal ones with lights. They come in various colors: red, green, white, and more! You can find these festive items at online stores like Lazada and Shopee.

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5. Calendar or Planner


A calendar or planner is a great gift for colleagues. We all need to keep track of important dates and deadlines, so having a calendar is useful. You can get calendars in different styles and sizes, allowing you to choose one that fits your colleague's personality. You can also personalize them with your own photo, making them more thoughtful and useful!

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6. Framed Print or Artwork

Framed Printed Artwork

A framed print or artwork is a great gift for your colleagues. Pick something special to you and meaningful to your colleagues, such as a family photo, an important event in their life (wedding, graduation), or something they've done that's particularly impressive. Ensure the piece is manageable for their office space, so it doesn't take over their desk.

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7. Tea Sampler or Basket of Coffee Blends

A gift basket of tea samplers or coffee blends is a great way to show appreciation for someone who works with you. Tea and coffee are universal gifts that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age or background. These gifts are also ideal for the office environment because they're great for relaxing at work and enjoying during breaks!

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8. Novelty Holiday Socks

colored holiday socks

Novelty holiday socks are a great gift because they're inexpensive, and everyone loves them. They can be funny, cute, or sentimental—and you can get them in various styles and colors. You can give them to men or women.

So how do you choose which pair is right for your colleague? Here are some ways to determine it.

If you have any information about his/her personality or interests (like if he/she likes to cook), look for a novelty pair that matches those preferences. 

For example, if he's an animal lover who enjoys cooking lavish feasts, check out designs related to these hobbies. You will be surprised to see a lot of options!

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9. Ornament or Figurine

Ornament or figurine can be funny, endearing, and a great way to remember a person or event. They're also a good way to show off someone's interests. Moreover, they are unique, meaning you won't get one from your boss unless you buy it yourself.

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10. Fancy Pen and Pencil Set

fancy fountain pen

If you have a colleague who likes to write, you might be looking for a good pen and pencil set. A nice pen and pencil set will cost about less than a thousand pesos, making it a great gift for someone out of town at Christmas. Moreover, your colleague can use it every day when writing up documents.

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Make your colleagues happy by giving them one of these well-chosen Christmas gifts. Moreover, always be sure to get the right size and color, and check that they are all in good condition.

Remember to wrap it, too! It adds more value to your gift.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to show appreciation for a colleague this holiday season. Whether a small token or something more elaborate, these ten ideas will help make their day even brighter while also giving you some festive cheer at work.

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